I’m so impressed by the At the Well materials and look forward to receiving them every month. They’re beautifully written and understandable; they fill me up with hope about the Jewish people and help me understand the women of the Torah. I’m so grateful to be part of a women’s circle and find a lot of joy and fulfillment in it... and I can’t stop talking about it to others!
— Lauren W. Washington D.C
At the Well has inspired somewhat of a surprising new relationship between myself and my body. Instead of being a passive bystander, waiting for society to tell me what I want and what I need; I now take the time to check in and listen to the person who knows the most about this stuff: Me. Sure enough, you don’t have to search very far at all to find the answers.
— Casey G, San Francisco
I didn’t realize how much I was missing this supportive, creative, spiritual feminine space until I was facing some difficult transitions in my life. Grateful for our new At The Well circle that we’re building together.
— Sarah T. Washington D.C.
Being in a Well Circle has changed my life. I’m not Jewish and didn’t grow up sharing my feelings EVER, and being in this group has shown me how much happier I can be if I voice my feelings to the people in my life who I care about. I’ve also shared cool stuff I’ve learned at my Well Circle with my friends outside the group, and many of them have texted me after they’ve tried my advice saying “OMG LIFE CHANGING!”
— Cassidy L. San Francisco

Hosting/Facilitating a Well Circle

“I just had my third Well Circle last night and I’m feeling inspired by the women who have gathered together. Last night, I hosted the group at my apartment. We talked about our bodies and the moon cycle; we shared stories, made Havdalah candles and lit the Menorah for the seventh night of Chanukah. I wish there were more spaces like this to connect with other Jewish women and explore our spirituality together.
— Lauren W., Washington D.C
Knowing Sarah was behind At the Well, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Now I want every woman I know to meet her, and find a well for themselves.
— Casey G, San Francisco