If the essence of Judaism were boiled down to one word, it would be “Why.” 

The world ‘Israel’ means to wrestle with, and at the core of our tradition is a history of wrestling with everything: texts, traditions, rituals, teachings, even each other. We wrestle to uncover what’s good and what’s true for us and to figure out how we want to live. Our people have always asked “why,” debated, and thought critically in order to discover for ourselves and our community what it means to be Jewish. At The Well aims to bring this energy and history into each Well Circle as its participants learn from and with each other.

Judaism teaches that our bodies are on “loan” to us while on Earth. Each soul is unique, housed in a borrowed body for the length of an individual’s life. It is our duty—our Jewish duty—to take care of ourselves, body and soul. We believe that our physical health is connected to our spiritual strength. We draw from our traditions to help our souls and we are uncovering what 21st century science has to teach us about our physical health. When we integrate the two we will live in alignment with our power.