At The Well is committed to forming wider levels of our community and real, meaningful content.

This is how we’re doing it.



In cities across America, join us for powerful dialogues, lectures, and opportunities to party, learn, and be joyous in public. These are opportunities to bring your friends from outside your Well Circles to experience our culture of exploring.


Retreats are a chance to escape your normal, everyday life and spend the weekend with like-minded At The Well women.

May 5-7, 2017 Washington D.C. Learn more and apply here.


This website is meeting the needs of our community and growing. We are an online well--a social spot and a place to get sustenance for life. Come to our well to learn and explore. 


Although the concept of Well Circles dates back to the Rosh Chodesh ritual started by Miriam, Moses’s sister, in the desert thousands of years ago, there are only a handful of books that support this ancient tradition. At The Well is working on the much needed next version. Stay Tuned in 2017.