ABout sarah

In 2015, Sarah Waxman founded At The Well. Sarah’s life has taken her from being an overweight kid to a national champion athlete, from a student of sociology to a student of holistic medicine, and from a passionate member of the Jewish community to an organizer. Sarah is an alumna of the Moishe House DC.  She realized her love for organizing meaningful Jewish community and found her voice as a leader while living in the house. After being selected for a leadership fellowship, Sarah launched At The Well with Moishe House as her fiscal sponsor.



At The Well fills a void that Sarah had found in her life--she wanted a place to be witnessed and to witness others, to share and learn more about how to thrive physically and spiritually in our bodies, and a place to connect her Jewish heritage to her everyday life. She is concerned about the state of women’s health in this day and age and At The Well and Well Circles provide a space to learn together and empower ourselves to live healthy lives. Sarah is on a quest to uplift herself and her homegirls--together we will thrive.