Biblical Babes: Esther's Story


If Walt Disney hadn’t been such a raging anti-Semite (#realtalk), his first princess would have been Esther:

An orphan seeking a better life wins a beauty contest and becomes the Queen of Persia. She hides her true identity, hosts a huge party, then, at the PERFECT moment, Esther reveals her identity and Haman’s evil plan to everyone! The King is all “WTF Haman?!” and Haman is all, “Oh sh*t,” and then it alllllll comes full circle when the King hangs Haman the next day, on exact gallows Haman had planned to use on the Jewish people. Boom.

Although Esther was hesitant and frightened at first, she prepared herself - body, mind, and soul - to fulfill her destiny, and secure her spot in history.

And THAT’S why we fangirl so hard for Esther.