Community Interview Series: Pharaoh, Let Me Go!


At its core, Passover is a story of our freedom.

It's a holiday that implores us to undergo personal transformation and communal witnessing, bringing the concepts of bondage and suffering to the surface, reminding us of the hard work it takes to find and act towards our personal liberation.

Even as we think of these burdens, we view Passover as a gift - an excuse to do some meaningful, spiritual self-reflection (which - in case you’re just getting to know At The Well - is more than kind of our jam).



Real Talk With Modern-Day Biblical Babes

In preparation for this important season, we asked some of our badass network of modern-day Biblical Babes to share their personal journeys with us. We asked them real talk questions, including the things that are holding them back from shining their brightest! We’re talking about those sneaky, self-restraining thoughts, and we’ve dubbed them “Mini Pharaohs.”


Because every time one of us does the hard work of freeing ourselves from our own suffering, we inspire others to do the same. Boom. We are all connected. Adoni echad (we are geeky and authentic about our spirituality).



Meet The Babes!

Now, let’s meet some of the incredible humans who chose to share their journeys...


Hi, my name is:

Shana Cohen

Shana lives in Los Angeles with her spouse and two tiny dogs Scout and Tootsie. She likes to live her life with an unwavering commitment to feminism, farmers’ markets, and almond milk lattes.

Hi, my name is:

Erika Eskenazi

Erika leads a New Moon Well Circle in NYC, spontaneously breaks out in song and dance daily, and loves expressing love. She’s a student of Ayurveda, a huge fan of Blue Zones, and an active participant in a million communities focused on health and wellness in NYC. She studied Mechanical Engineering (NERD) and works for a an HVAC control systems firm.


Hi, my name is:

Jackie Zais

Jackie Zais is the Community Engagement Director at GatherDC, an organization that seeks to connect those in their 20s and 30s to Jewish life in DC. When not working she is listening to podcasts, going to see live music or hosting people in her apartment.


Hi, my name is:

Jennifer A. Sachs

Jennifer Sachs is a Natural Health Consultant and lover of all good vibes in the world. She dedicates her time to helping people live with the greatest wellness of body, mind, spirit, and soul to find their bliss! You can find her in her beautifully painted home in New Orleans!


Hi, my name is:

Jillian Tuchman

Jillian Tuchman, MS, RDN, is an integrative and functional medicine dietitian/nutritionist, reiki healer and medical cannabis educator living in New York City. She incorporates, iridology, herbalism, applied kinesiology and Ayurveda when treating patients in her private practice, which specializes in autoimmune diseases, digestive health, allergies and Lyme Disease. She also educates conventionally-trained physicians, nurses, social worked and dietitians in medically-legal states on the clinical applications of medical cannabis.

Hi my name is:

Molly Zwelling

Molly is a health coach, nature lover, and mama to a 9 month old boy. She’s a native Ohioan, but has been living in DC for the past 6 years. She has a fierce passion for helping people live healthier, happier lives through wellness education and is grateful to be doing that everyday at a nonprofit serving DC's most vulnerable. Her Well Circle has been an incredibly meaningful Jewish space for her light to shine.


Hi my name is

Ari Warmflash

Ariel Warmflash is a theatre artist, educator and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. She works on developing original theatre with Jewish communities and public school students all over NYC. Ari enjoys creating inclusive spaces for art-making, food-sharing and soul-building with friends and strangers.