Persons with Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities

I've been on my journey of acceptance over the past few years, how about you? Accepting my disability--accepting my neurodivergence--accepting that I am chronically ill and vulnerable in a society that seems terrified to admit that Covid is an ongoing threat.We are in a time of crisis, historically and socially. For many of us, we feel that crisis in our bodies, in our struggle to navigate a society that was not built for us, every single day.So let's connect! I want to know you. I want to see how we can help each other. I have been starved for neurodivergent disability-centered Jewish spaces for my whole life and I did not know it. That's how long I have felt different, confused, looking for folks like me. Well, it turns out there are more folks like me than I could ever have dreamed of. We just need to find each other.I'd love to create an Affinity Circle with you to discuss the month's Jewish teachings, but equally as important, to share about our lives, offer tips and tricks for survival in this sometimes hostile but always beautiful world, and build hope together. This will be a space dedicated to Universal Access principles. We will share leadership according to At the Well's co-leadership model and we will recognize and share power. This space is dedicated to principles of equity and justice. No disrespect, bullying, scapegoating, or cruelty will be tolerated. While we come together over our shared experiences of disability and neurodivergence, this space will recognize that our experiences are profoundly impacted by our additional identities and experiences. We cannot speak for each other or project our own experiences into each other's lives, only listen with humility to understand. This space is guided by Kimberle Crenshaw's theoretical framework of intersectionality, which recognizes that our experiences of structural oppression are exponentially increased by our intersecting marginalized identities. I am seeking participants who come prepared to work to build allyship with participants who emerge from different backgrounds and experiences, and who understand the work, struggle, and honor that must go into this effort. My goal is a disability justice movement as varied, joyful, and inspiring as we are.

We are located in PST and seeking 5-14 members.

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A new Well Circle is typically organized by 1-2 people who lead the process of inviting a small group to form a circle. We have plenty of resources to support our members who are forming new circles.

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Each Well Circle member commits to meeting monthly for Rosh Chodesh. You can get started by browsing open circles, starting a new circle, or signing up for notifications about circles in formation!

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Circles gather around the new moon and use the month’s Moon Manual to build an intentional space for reflection, storytelling, and support. Every circle is unique and sets their own intentions for the space.

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