The Elul Challenge

A spiritual journey of healing

The Elul challEnge: A CALL TO FORGIVE

Experience community growth by opting into The Elul Challenge: A Call to Forgive, a month-long intentional spiritual journey of healing guided by weekly emails and text messages. You and a partner will support one another by looking inward and opening your hearts.  Join a global network of soul-seekers, marking time and practicing the act of forgiveness together.

This deeply personal journey will lead you through both the lightness and the darkness inside that big ole squishy heart of yours, and then out the other side towards healing. 

Starting on Sunday, September 1st, choose someone to join you on this journey, and together you will work to seek forgiveness in your life.  We believe in community practice, especially doing hard personal work together. Find somebody you’ll want to talk through this with.  

We didn’t invent Elul, our ancestors did, but we are here to breathe life into it, together.

We didn’t invent Elul, our ancestors did, but we are here to breathe life into it, together.

SEPTEMBER 1 - SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 || elul 1 - elul 29, 5779



Each week of Elul we will send you and a friend a text and email with writings, reflections, and exercises to help you set your intentions for the week.


The Science

Forgiveness is associated with lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and overall stress relief. It’s also associated with improving physical symptoms, reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality. It can diminish stress and inner conflict while simultaneously restoring positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We can reap all these incredible health benefits by doing personal spiritual work? YES PLEASE. 


The Spiritual Work

The power of healing is strong during the month of Elul. We just came from the month of Av, a tough month in the spiritual calendar. Now it’s the beginning of fall, time for us to move forward. Elul is the month when we start the slow rebuild by seeking forgiveness in ourselves or in others. 

Perhaps you need to heal from:

  1. An argument with family. 

  2. A friend who failed to support you during a hard time.

  3. You said something hurtful in the heat of the moment.

  4. A time when you were too hard on yourself. 

  5. Not supporting your community, country, earth

Now is the time we can heal together. It’s much easier for us to approach the tough act of forgiveness from a place of love when we have the support and partnership of a friend.

Sign up and send this to a friend you’d like to join you on your journey. 



Now is the time we can heal together.


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