What is At The Well?

At The Well is a women's wellness organization rooted in Jewish spirituality and women's health.  Founded in 2015 by Sarah Waxman, At The Well connects women in peer-led Well Circles who meet monthly for Rosh Chodesh (the new moon). We're passionate about educating and connecting women; we create and distribute content that's educational, spiritual, and women-centric. Every month, we share a curated collection of written materials called Moon Manuals -  for peer facilitators to use, to teach and inspire their local circles. We also offer classes, retreats, training and support for women who want to start a Well Circle. 

What is a Well Circle?

All over the world, on each new moon, we encourage women to come together in small groups to support each other, reflect, tune in to their bodies, dance around fires, and curse the Patriarchy! (JK - we're feminist but we love men too). We're passionate, "awake" women looking to build community together. We provide tools to help women make their Well Circles strong by offering materials ranging from info and knowledge on women's health, to exercises on meditation and self-awareness, to Jewish wisdom to bomb a** cookie recipes. We do it all in the name of making tight crews tighter.

Well Circles were inspired by the ancient Jewish tradition of Rosh Chodesh, which you can't find much info about. We're talkin' about a count-on-one-hand, hasn't-been-updated-in-30-years situation.

Whatever shall we do? Write our own!

What's a moon manual?

Each lunar month (the Hebrew calendar goes by the moon cycles), we distribute a package of written materials all rooted in stories from ancient Jewish texts and traditions including the Torah, Kabbalah, and Talmud. The Moon Manuals offer a basis for reflection, and action. There are guides for creative activities, meditations, articles written by interesting female leaders from around the world, poems, and the occasional recipe.

I'm not Jewish, can I still be involved?

Yes! At The Well is a pluralistic and inclusive community open to all womenkind. 

Who can join a well circle?

At The Well is proud to be a welcoming, pluralistic organization. If you identify as a woman in any shape or form, or as a menstruator, and you wish to join a Well Circle, come on in! 

what is a cycle tracker?

Our bodies are on a 29 day cycle, same as the moon. You know what else goes by the moon? The Hebrew calendar. Coincidence? We think not.

Tracking the moon's cycle, alongside your own cycle, has a way of getting you more in touch with both your body, and your spirituality. Everyone has their own version of this process. Some women wake up every morning, take their temperature, and check the consistency of their cervical fluid. Other women simply jot down thoughts, and then note when their bodies enter each phase of their cycle. 

As women, we know our bodies go through a monthly cycle, but the real magic happens when you start to discover trends - things that repeat around the same time, every month. Moods, cravings, energy level, openness, creativity, how you feel in your body.

Curious? Take a look at our simple lunar cycle tracker here!  

What's with all the female body and health content?

Your body is a temple. We mean it - your body is literally a temple. It's beautiful, and strong, and complicated and connected to the cycles of the Universe. As such, it's important to take care of it. 

Unfortunately, our health and education systems are not very good at keeping women informed.

Which we think is absurd. 

So, we've made it a big part of our mission to make sure women have access to as much female health information as possible. In this way, science and spirituality intersect.

Plus, as Jewish women, we come from a long line of midwives! Jewish women have always cared for other women. We're here to continue the work of our #BiblicalBabes, and to stay informed about our bodies.  

How does the jewish part fit into all of this?

Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Rebecca, Hannah, Miriam, Deborah ... these are the women for whom we are named. These are our ancestors, and we can assure you: These #BiblicalBabes are worth learning about.

Judaism tells stories of people, so we can use these stories as a basis for reflection today.

It's been a 5,000-year game of telephone, of sharing these stories, this wisdom. We are here to dig deeper, and to share what we find.  

Judaism believes in the oneness and wholeness of the world; to heal the soul is to heal the body, and to heal the body is to heal the soul. We're proud to be Jewish women, and proud to look to our roots to begin understanding how to live whole lives.  


Glad you asked! Check out the information on this page, and reach out to us if you need support! 

How do i give back?

At The Well is an international network of women who are doing this work together. We are more than the (admittedly adorable) smiling faces on our team page!

We would love for you to get involved!

You can write an article for our website, or for the Moon Manual. You can contribute special content. You can start a Well Circle within your community, and you can donate, and you can share our content with your friends!