Hi, my name is: Erika Eskenazi


Erika leads a New Moon Well Circle in NYC, spontaneously breaks out in song and dance daily, and loves expressing love. She’s a student of Ayurveda, a huge fan of Blue Zones, and an active participant in a million communities focused on health and wellness in NYC. She studied Mechanical Engineering (NERD) and works for a an HVAC control systems firm.


1. What is one of your mini pharaohs?

One "mini pharaoh" that keeps me from true happiness is my deprioritization of downtime. I tend to go-go-go and run myself into the ground. A second limiting "mini pharaoh" is my perfectionist mentality when it comes to my physical body, my daily routine, my work, and my apartment. I get anxiety when things aren't the way I want them. And yet a third "mini pharaoh" is my need to optimize everything in my life for value! I spend WAY too much time researching restaurants, things I buy, and travel destinations to find the best quality/experience for the lowest price. (So if you need some tips, holler atcha girl.)


2. What intention are you setting for the week of Passover?

I've actually set intentions for the whole month leading up to Passover! I'm leading Whole30 (a 30-day whole foods diet) for 30 colleagues, family members & friends, and making it holistic by incorporating daily exercise, meditation, journaling, and more sleep throughout. Additionally, I intend to play as much violin as possible, and love those close to me unconditionally, exactly the way they are.


3. What rituals or wellness practices help you follow through with your goals and intentions?

Daily physical movement, meditation, journaling, laughing loudly, giving hugs, foot massages from my partner (poor guy, it’s not always by choice), and my Well Circle!


4. As we celebrate the Passover story of freedom, in what ways are you moving from narrowness to expansiveness this month?

I am moving from the narrowness of my anxiety into the expansiveness of reminding myself I AM ALIVE and wow is that beautiful and invigorating. I am moving from the narrowness of TRYING to be everything, into the expansiveness of ALREADY BEING everything. I am moving from the narrowness of trying to make everyone happy, into the expansiveness of making myself happy.


5. Which seder plate food are you embodying this Passover?

Charoset. My daily wellness rituals and beautiful communities are the "mortar" that keep all my pieces together and allow for clarity on my journey. This month, I am focused on re-solidifying this glue.



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