Hi, my name is: Jennifer A. Sachs

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Jennifer Sachs is a Natural Health Consultant and lover of all good vibes in the world. She dedicates her time to helping people live with the greatest wellness of body, mind, spirit, and soul to find their bliss! You can find her in her beautifully painted home in New Orleans!


1. What is one of your mini pharaohs?

I try my best not to have pharaohs, large or small. I don’t like anything controlling me, ack! This requires regular practice of tending to my body, mind, spirit, and soul, and integrating the delicate, finely tuned balance between both discipline and flexibility into my routines. This work opens my life to ultimate personal freedom. I’m not perfect - we all succumb to pesky forces now and then (see: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food), so sometimes I try to see them as opportunities to indulge, and sometimes I see them as opportunities to exercise restraint.


2. What intention are you setting for the week of Passover?

Every Pesach, I set out on a mission of both external and internal ‘house cleaning’ (bye-bye chametz!), followed by well deserved and much needed basking in the rebirth of freshly renewed body and soul. With each day of Pesach that passes, I feel lighter, more spiritually aware, and physically vibrant. I love the transformation, it primes me for receiving the abundant joys of Spring rejoice with the utmost gratitude! The Hebrew calendar is so aligned with the natural cycles of the world.


3. What rituals or wellness practices help you follow through with your goals and intentions?

I truly enjoy eating only freshly prepared foods (nothing canned or boxed...aside from matzah!) during Pesach and include many Spring herbs in my meals. Not only do fresh, local foods and herbs create an ideal canvas for healing body and soul, they also beautify our meals and taste delicious! Quick tip: Place herbs and flowers in vases around the house during Passover, which invites the natural world into our homes and accentuates the uplifting Pesach vibe!


4. As we celebrate the Passover story of freedom, in what ways are you moving from narrowness to expansiveness this month?

Every new year, I choose a theme rather than traditional resolution, to wo-manifest throughout the year. This year, it’s ‘Embrace the unseen.’ Having faith to trust in a path which seems narrow or obscured can feel quite daunting. Just as our seasons, days, and lives wax and wane, our vision and faith may, as well. Moving from narrowness to expansiveness and embracing the unseen means trusting that G-d is guiding us to ever greater purpose and fulfillment, even when we struggle to see our own paths clearly.


5. Which seder plate food are you embodying this Passover?

THE BEET (used by some vegetarians in place of the shank bone)! Beets soak in more vitamins and minerals from soil than any other vegetable, thus their ‘blood’ red color and meaningful shank bone substitution on the seder plate for many Jews. In turn, beets provide the richest nourishment to humans, other animals, and back to the soil itself. Beets remind me of my grandmothers, both of whom were big borscht eaters. Beets are super alkaline, too...the perfect antidote to fast, modern, acidic diets… behold the beet!

How can I give and receive to my greatest potential, like the beet?The better nourished I am in all spheres, the better I am able to both serve others and receive with an open heart!



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