Hi, my name is: Jillian Tuchman


Jillian Tuchman, MS, RDN, is an integrative and functional medicine dietitian/nutritionist, reiki healer and medical cannabis educator living in New York City. She incorporates, iridology, herbalism, applied kinesiology and Ayurveda when treating patients in her private practice, which specializes in autoimmune diseases, digestive health, allergies and Lyme Disease. She also educates conventionally-trained physicians, nurses, social worked and dietitians in medically-legal states on the clinical applications of medical cannabis.


1. What is one of your mini pharaohs?

I have a few but negative self-talk is a big one. While it's certainly gotten better over the years, I definitely have a tendency to beat myself up and engage in criticizing self-talk. I make an active effort to practice self-compassion and catch myself when it comes to my inner dialogue but it's not always easy!


2. What intention are you setting for the week of Passover?

This year, my intention during the week of Passover is to interact less with my phone, and more with people.


3. What rituals or wellness practices help you follow through with your goals and intentions?

When I begin my day with either a short meditation or simple prayer practice, it inherently becomes more mindful. This will make it easier to fulfill my intention of being present, to interact more with the humans around me, than with technology.


4. As we celebrate the Passover story of freedom, in what ways are you moving from narrowness to expansiveness this month?

I'm moving from narrowness to expansiveness with a commitment to both unconditional self-love and self-compassion. I’m committing to speaking more kindly, patiently, and lovingly to myself, on all days - regardless of how I look, feel, or what I did, or did not accomplish. When I radiate unconditional love for myself, my world expands, and I can share that positive energy with every being I come across.


5. Which seder plate food are you embodying this Passover?

I'm embodying charoset this Passover - sweet, nourishing, and representative of dedication, commitment, strength and hard work.



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