Hi, my name is: Shana Cohen


Shana lives in Los Angeles with her spouse and two tiny dogs Scout and Tootsie. She likes to live her life with an unwavering commitment to feminism, farmers’ markets, and almond milk lattes.


1. What is one of your mini pharaohs?

My mini pharaoh is my relationship to my personal happiness. As a young person, my connection joy was centered around making other people happy. I hadn’t done the work to find out what actually made *me* happy.  I would say yes to things I did not want to do, and become resentful. Learning to trust in my “inner Miriam” about decisions for personal happiness is my first step to liberation.


2. What intention are you setting for the week of Passover?

Allowing myself to only taking on opportunities that make me feel whole. I am worthy of setting boundaries, and meeting my needs!


3. What rituals or wellness practices help you follow through with your goals and intentions?

My first wellness ritual this Passover is to create an altar of symbolic items that I need to live a holistic life. Some of the items on my alter include an abundance tincture, rose quartz, oil pastels, a pomegranate, my At The Well moon phase candle, and a new succulent.


4. As we celebrate the Passover story of freedom, in what ways are you moving from narrowness to expansiveness this month?

I am moving from narrowness to expansiveness this month by looking at the places I have balance, and imbalance. I need to practice having conversations with strength and finding the courage to speak balance into my life.


5. Which seder plate food are you embodying this Passover?

I am embodying the bitter herb because I want to shift my relationship to bitterness. I want to call more balance into my life, and find more time to allow the sweetness in my life to grow.



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