Ava Sayaka Rosen Art Print

Ava Sayaka Rosen Art Print

$ 36 

Pay tribute to women around the world (both past, present, and future) with this art print by Ava Sayaka Rosen, available exclusively at At The Well. Printed on matte poster paper, this high-quality art print is available in sizes just right for your space.

Wherever you decide to hang it, your purchase will support rising Jewish female artists, and our At The Well movement to connect enhance women's well-being through ancient Jewish practices.

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About the Artist: Ava Sayaka Rosen from San Francisco, California

Ava Rosen is a San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist, poet, musician and educator whose work is firmly grounded in the belief that art can support personal and collective healing. She is co-founder of Open Windows Cooperative, a shared studio, print shop, gallery and artist residency. Ava teaches Jewish values through art at her synagogue, curates unconventional art installations in her neighborhood, and sings and plays bass with Galore, whose debut album was released on the Rocks in Your Head label in June.

“This piece pulls inspiration from two parts of my cultural lineage: a verse from Psalms and the amasan traditional womxn divers of Japan. Every new moon invites us into our inner depths, where shechinah, the divine feminine, resides. From this place of darkness, we can call out to our sisters, to our guides, to Spirit, for strength and connection and hope. This is part of our great work here on earth, and what At The Well supports so beautifully. May we see ourselves reflected in the well, may we ebb and flow, wear down and build up, heal and renew.”



Instagram: @avasayakarosen

Instagram: @openwindowscooperative

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