Malka Klein Art Print

Malka Klein Art Print

$ 36 

Pay tribute to women around the world (both past, present, and future) with this art print by Malka Klein, available exclusively at At The Well. Printed on matte poster paper, this high-quality art print is available in sizes just right for your space.

Wherever you decide to hang it, your purchase will support rising Jewish female artists, and our At The Well movement to connect enhance women's well-being through ancient Jewish practices.

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About the Artist: Malka Klein from Modiin, Israel

Malka is the founder of a calligraphy and fine-art studio specializing in Hebrew & English modern calligraphy and watercolor painting. Malka’s life-long passion for authentic communication by way of letters and handmade artwork has manifested in her bespoke Ketubah creations, luxury event designs and online letter arts classes for companies such as Facebook and Skillshare. Malka loves life in Israel and shares it with her husband, two daughters and labrador.

“This piece was inspired by the ever-present tranquility and wonder that lives within us. In a modern, technology dependent world far from nature, many of us are painfully distant from our inborn states of peace. To me, nature is the physical manifestation of our inherent state of ‘shalva’ (calm) which is so necessary for true joy.  Thankfully beautiful landscapes will always be there waiting to greet us,  just like our sources of internal serenity. And so, when the moon waxes and wanes, it reminds me of this intrinsic struggle and constant existential cycle in life - of searching for our true selves in what sometimes feel like the dark. Thankfully the moon always returns, drawing light on the tapestry of the world and of ourselves.

Thank you At The Well for bringing women together and celebrating the endlessly beautiful meanings that each woman, the moon, and Rosh Chodesh have to offer.“



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$ 36 

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