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My Moon Message

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Tap into the flow of sacred time.

Each month, even each day, has a lesson that can help you grow. We bring these ancient rhythms right to your phone with My Moon Message by At The Well!

What does this include?

  • Mindful messages for a year of Jewish holidays* — including the well-loved like Rosh Hashanah, plus the lesser-known like the 10th of Tevet.
  • Texts for all thirteen new moons, connecting you to the teachings of the new Hebrew month.
  • Daily reflective growth prompts during the mystical season of Counting the Omer (April 6 – May 25, 2023).
  • Choose to receive your texts during U.S. evening time, or during Europe/Africa/Israel evening time. (Jewish days begin at night!)

*My Moon Message texts begin the first night of Passover: April 5, 2023 / the 14th of Nissan, 5783, and continue until next Passover, April 22, 2024.

If you’re looking to feel more grounded and uplifted, My Moon Message can help!

Note: My Moon Message currently can only be bought for yourself, not given as a gift.

Here’s what our community says about My Moon Message:

“Huge inspiration, warming, encouraging.” —Tanya M.

“Gave me a dose of just what I needed to feel more grounded and hopeful in my life.” —Lianna G.

“I am going through a difficult life transition and the wisdom of the texts spoke to me in deep and profound ways.” —Amy B.


What is the connection to the moon?

For thousands of years, the Hebrew calendar has been tied to the cycles of the moon. In fact, marking time by the moon was the very first commandment given after liberation from slavery in Egypt!

Each new crescent moon ushers in a new month — and each new month brings a special invitation for spiritual growth. Many other Jewish holidays occur during the full moon!

How often will I receive messages?

My Moon Message texts wax and wane throughout the year, according to what’s going on in the Hebrew calendar at that time. During some seasons you’ll get daily texts (during the 49 days of the Omer, as well as the holidays of Sukkot and Hanukkah). In other seasons, texts come every week or two. Subscribers love the surprise when a new text arrives!

When do texts arrive?

Jewish days begin at night! We’ll send texts at a time of your choice: evening in the U.S./Americas, OR evening in Europe/Israel. (Specifically: 8pm ET OR 7pm UTC+1.)

Can I sign up if I'm not Jewish?

Yes — the power of keeping time by the moon is available to all! Whether or not you identify as Jewish, there is ancient wisdom here to root into. We’re excited to share it with you!

You have the power to create a sacred space of belonging.

A monthly Rosh Chodesh practice will change your life.

If you’re yearning for a Well Circle to meet with at each new moon, you have come to the right place. In these 12 lessons, you’ll find the courage and clarity you need to get your Well Circle off the ground.

Full Circle walks you through our easeful, step-by-step approach to creating your circle. From crafting your Well Circle invite list to planning the mood of your first gathering, we have tips to help each phase go smoothly.

You’ll also hear insights from longtime Well Circle leaders — relatable moments and thoughtful guidance from others who’ve taken this journey.

Here’s what they all agree on:

Well Circle participants say things like:

“We're here to hold space for each other in a way that I’ve never experienced.”
“When we met, we were strangers. Since then, we’ve felt safe to share emotional moments in our lives with this group.”
“It feels like one of the most life-giving things that I have built into my life. After each circle, I feel a deep sense of fullness.”
“It really changed my mindset to see Jewish rituals and learning as a tool I can use to deepen my relationship with myself and with others.”

Full Circle will teach you:

The key questions to help you choose a Hevruta (co-creator) — and why you want one.

How to pinpoint the Kavana (intention) of your specific Well Circle.

The two-step process to crafting an invite list that honors your vision for the circle.

The three roles that are vital to a Well Circle, and how to share them equitably.

You’ll also learn:

The spiritual significance of Rosh Chodesh and its role in our personal renewal.

Five essential modalities to choose from as a facilitator, so your Well Circle can access the wisdom of their minds, bodies, and spirits.

The day-of self-care to help you be present and at peace before your first Well Circle meeting.

And much more!

Full Circle is designed to give you momentum, flexibility, and joy in the process of creating your circle.

Our videos are accessible on-demand, so you can go at your own pace. (We do recommend that you watch all 12 within four weeks, so you can keep moving forward toward your future circle.) You’ll also get 5 worksheets to support you with practical planning and self-reflection, plus 6 quick-reference guides to help your Well Circle grow and flourish.

When you enroll in Full Circle, you also have access to an exclusive online support session from At The Well’s team. This is the perfect place to ask questions in real time, and to delve into any conundrums that come up as your circle is forming.

If you are ready for more ritual, connection, and community in your life, we invite you to step into your power as a Well Circle creator. Full Circle will show you how.

$ 36 

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