Well Circles

Passionate, "awake" women, building communities, together!


We Believe

...that finding wholeness requires intentionally learning about yourself from the inside-out,

cultivating meaningful relationships within your community,

and uncovering personal connections to inherited wisdom and rituals.


What are well circles?

A local group of badass women who come together with each new moon to listen and be heard, to support each other, reflect, and learn. 

Based on the rituals of Rosh Chodesh and designed to be self-scaling, self-sustaining, and self-led, Well Circles are groups of 6-12 friends who meet every month around the new moon to create connections, support each other, and share spiritual experiences. Together, they learn about everything from ancient Jewish wisdom and the physical health of their bodies, to tracking the cycles of the moon.

Every Well Circle is independently-run, and has its own identity; from reformed to orthodox, young professionals to new mothers, each circle creates their own rituals of spirituality, women's wellness, and Jewish learning.  



finding your WELL CIRCLE

Resources for starting or sustaining a circle


Learn To Start Your Own Circle

We created eight guidebooks full of everything you need to know about starting and sustaining a Well Circle. From scheduling and storytelling tips, to history lessons on ancient wisdom and traditions, we've created these guides in the name of making tight crews tighter, and helping Well Circles continue thriving for many moons to come!


Download the first guidebook, "Foundations" for free!


Purchase seven additional guidebooks for $36!

Fill up on wisdom, guidance, helpful tools, inspiration and insight on how to create and co-lead an exceptionally powerful Well Circle. Once you make your purchase, we'll email you a secret passcode to access the seven guidebooks. 


These guidebooks are the product of many minds and influences. As they say, it’s a deep well. To find out what keeps us learning, reflecting, and inspired, check out Packet 7: Resources and References


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