A healthy, sustainable wellness practice, rooted in ancestral wisdom? Yes, please! 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Well Circles. 

If you're looking to gather a group of friends to create connections, support each other, share spiritual learning experiences, and even learn about tracking the cycles of the moon - we got you covered. 

Whether you're starting a circle or sustaining one, these eight volumes of gorgeous, information-rich PDFs contain everything you need to know about Well Circles. From scheduling and storytelling tips, to history lessons on ancient wisdoms and traditions, we've created these guides to help Well Circles continue to thrive for many moons to come.  



You Are Here

Welcome, Sister

Starting a Well Circle? Sustaining a Well Circle? We're here to help!

In addition to this Foundations packet, we’ve got seven additional, topic-focused packets designed to offer support, guidance, and reassurance to new and existing Well Circles. 

Topics include: Circle Forming, Circle Logistics, Circle Leadership, Circle Upkeep, Modalities, Ritual, and References & Resources. 

If you’re new to community building and feeling unsure where to start, use these guides as a blueprint.

If you’re an experienced facilitator and organizer, feel free to bring your own style to this process, but read with an open mind - you may pick up some new ideas! 

We’re very happy you’re here, adding your voice and wisdom to the collective power of our global Well Circle network. We believe in you, big time.




Read Packet 0: Foundations for free online!



For more wisdom, guidance, and insight on how to create and co-lead an exceptionally powerful Well Circle, purchase the rest of our Well Circle support materials. We'll email you a secret passcode to access seven more packets filled with mega-helpful information and beautiful videos.


This work is the product of many minds and influences. As they say, it’s a deep well. To find out what keeps us learning, reflecting, and inspired, check out Packet 7: Resources + References. And, for a daily dose of wellness and wisdom, follow At The Well on Instagram and Facebook.