At The Well Community Guidelines

Welcome! At The Well’s community spaces are for women and nonbinary folks of all spiritual backgrounds. We’re glad you’re here!

In order to be as caring, authentic, and respectful a space as possible, we have 8 norms for our shared sacred space. If you engage with At The Well content, programs, events, or social media, we ask you to respect this framework. Independently-run Well Circles (new moon gatherings) are encouraged to use these community guidelines as well.

  • We affirm ancient Jewish wisdom. Jewish wisdom is thousands of years old and the foundation of all that we do at At The Well. Through our content and practices, we make this wisdom accessible and relevant to support women’s well-being. It is our highest hope that our wellness approach to Jewish wisdom brings joy and wholeness to your life. Everything that we do will always be rooted in a Jewish perspective.

  • We’re here to enhance women’s well-being. At The Well’s focus on women is purposeful. We are re-authoring ourselves into Jewish tradition, as historically it has been the experiences of men that have been centered and celebrated. Nonbinary folks are welcome to most At The Well events, including our ongoing Nonbinary Well Circle. Read our welcome letter for nonbinary people here.

  • All spiritual identities are welcome. Sometimes people who aren’t Jewish wonder if it’s OK to come to At The Well events. Yes! Women and nonbinary people of all spiritual backgrounds, or none at all, are very welcome here. We believe Rosh Chodesh, the tradition of gathering each month at the new moon, is the wellness practice our world needs.

  • We do not proselytize. We do not convert. We are here to share Jewish wisdom with all whose lives can be enriched by it — but never with an agenda of conversion. In fact, Jewish wisdom is against proselytizing.

    Similarly, we do not want to be converted. We have a zero tolerance policy for any attempts to convert or proselytize to our community. For Jewish people, there is a long and painful history of having our ancestral wisdom, and our lives, subjugated beneath other traditions. If you are coming from another faith tradition, please enter with respect, curiosity, and humility.

    Please know that conversations that reference Jesus or the New Testament, regardless of intent, can cause harm and discomfort in Jewish spaces and are not welcome. At The Well spaces are for sharing Jewish wisdom and our relationship with it, not through the lens of another religion.

  • We are a space of learning. You don’t have to be an “expert” to belong here. That’s what we’re here for! We endlessly and lovingly work to define terms, offer translations, and give explanatory context — all with the goal of making ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to everyone, regardless of your prior experience with Jewish learning.

    That being said, it can feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you feel like you’re “missing the reference.” It’s OK. Ask for clarification, and know that many of these terms will become familiar over time. There is a beauty in being a newcomer within an ancient conversation.

  • We’re doing this together. The At The Well community is a network of participants, not simply consumers. We ask you to step forward in the way that’s right for you and responsible towards others in our community — whether that’s writing for our blog, co-facilitating a Global New Moon Circle, or creating a local Well Circle of your own. When you step into leadership, you enter into a new relationship with this wisdom and with yourself. Don’t forget to come back to these guidelines as you engage with others in the space.

  • We care. We take seriously the responsibility of cultivating spaces of warmth, authenticity and integrity around Jewish wisdom. If your words or actions are compromising others’ experience, or the wisdom, the At The Well team may “call in” your behavior to help you better understand our boundaries. We also reserve the right to ask you to leave at any time. 

  • We are learning and growing alongside you. Even with thousands of years of Jewish wisdom in our back pocket, At The Well is still a team of human beings. Jewish wisdom is clear on this: imperfection is part of humanity, and there is always room for growth and evolution. If you have feedback for At The Well, please be in touch! Reach out to us at