At The Well connects women to body, soul, and community through wellness education and Jewish spirituality. We're activating Jewish wisdom to create a worldwide network of safe spaces, resources, and products. At The Well works to inspire women to empower themselves, live whole lives, and lift each other up.



Oneness & Individuality
The Interconnectivity of All Things

We treasure the Jewish value of natural connectivity and believe that the individual plays a fundamental role in the equilibrium of all things. The health of an individual supports the health of her Well Circle, which in turn supports the health of her local community, the city in which she resides, and the wider global Jewish population. The cultivation of these connections draw us closer to wellness and wholeness.


Cycles & Shechinah
The Divine Femin(ism)

Jewish time and the female body! We’re reviving the Hebrew calendar in all its cyclical, lunar glory! By aligning and teaching these practices, we’re encouraging the cultivation of lives that are infused with greater meaning, connection, and of course, wholeness.


Science & Sanctification
The Holiness of Health

Science bolsters the motivation behind many ancient Jewish practices; religion and science are truly greater than the sum of their parts. We celebrate the sanctity that resides in the laws of the natural world, with a special focus on how the phases of the moon sanctify the natural cycle of the female body.


Growth & Learning
The Journey of Personal Transformation

Learning together is more powerful than going it alone, a belief long held in Jewish tradition. We encourage the cultivation and development of micro-communities, co-created by their members, run with a rotating leadership model that helps develop a more complete sense of self. Or, as we call them...Well Circles!



Once upon a time, in the mystical land of San Francisco, a curious, creative, awake Jewish woman was searching for her tribe of likeminded sister queens. On her quest, she stumbled upon tales of an ancient ritual, called Rosh Chodesh -  a monthly gathering, taking place around each new moon, giving women space to connect, learn, and be heard.

The whole Rosh Chodesh thing sounded like a dream come true, so, the curious, creative, awake Jewish woman assembled a team, and did a little digging. They spoke to women's health experts, spiritual advisors, and influential female leaders in the Jewish community. They soon discovered the emotional, intellectual, and even physiological benefits that come from observing Rosh Chodesh and being in a women's circle -- or as they would come to be called: Well Circles!

Today, At The Well creates and distributes an epic monthly collection of written materials, all rooted in stories from ancient Jewish texts - like the Torah, Kabbalah, and Talmud. We distribute this Moon Manual (as it has come to be called) to Well Circles around the world.

The Moon Manuals are filled with inspiring tales, creative activities, poems, meditations, recipes, and articles written by female leaders from around the world. We also host retreats, workshops, and show up at dope women-centric events.