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How can Jewish practices support my wellness?
Where is the best place to begin?
How does At The Well think about gender?
How can I get involved in At The Well?
Is At The Well hiring?
Is there a cost to join At The Well?

Well Circles

Well Circles
What is a Well Circle?
Is there a cost to join a Well Circle?
How do I start a circle?
Can I start a Well Circle for new moms / vegans / my family / other affinity spaces / etc.?
How can I join a circle?
What if I can’t find a Well Circle in my area?
Is this for me if I’m not Jewish?

Moon Manuals

Moon Manuals
What is the connection to the new moon?
What is a Moon Manual?
Is there a cost for Moon Manuals?
How do Well Circles use the Moon Manual?
When does the next Moon Manual come out?

Online Store

How do product purchases support At The Well?
Can I share an idea for a future product?

Events & Retreats

Is there a cost to attend an event?
What is a Global New Moon Circle?
Can I help co-host a future At The Well gathering?
Are some events specifically for the POC and nonbinary communities?

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