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At The Well is on a mission to enhance well-being through ancient Jewish practices. Your stories, experiences, and insights are a crucial part of this work!

Through our blog, we invite women and nonbinary folks to add your voices to the thousands of years of wisdom we have inherited. We believe Jewish tradition comes alive when we find the meaning it holds for us today, in the joys and difficulties of our own lives. We will compensate contributors $100 per article.

Your biggest assets are your own lived experience and your thoughtful questions. You do not need to be a rabbi or spiritual teacher to write for us, we promise. Take a leap and send us your idea!

Once you submit, you’ll hear back from Katie in 7-10 days to know whether you’ll be writing with us. You’ll then choose a submission deadline that works for you, write your piece, and get support with editing from our team.

We’re looking for articles (400-850 words) on topics such as:

  • A significant moment in your life that was transformed through Jewish ritual. Consider experiences like partnering, new job, change in health, transition of city, menstruation, menopause, gender transition, sex, pregnancy, divorce, grief, loss, parenting, grandparenting, aging, etc.
  • How you integrate Jewish practice into your busy life. This could be prayer, honoring Shabbat, blessings, visiting the mikvah, etc.
  • How you practice Rosh Chodesh (welcoming the new moon, new month)
  • Your personal rituals, traditions, and/or practices from historically underrepresented Jewish communities: Sephardic, Mizrahi, Ethiopian, Bene Israel, Russian, Bukharan, Persian, interfaith, multicultural, etc. We want to lift up the diversity of Jewish experiences!
  • Something from Jewish tradition that inspires your self-care and/or community-care
  • A word, prayer, image, or place from Jewish tradition that has helped you grow and feel whole
  • A favorite story from Torah that helps you feel more balanced
  • Or something else related to the intersection of wellness and Jewish tradition — we want to know how Jewish wisdom enhances your life!

Note: If your pitch relates to a particular holiday or Hebrew month, please pitch at least 2 months in advance.

If you belong to a Well Circle, we’d love articles such as:

  • A moment or experience you had in a Well Circle that impacted you
  • Advice for a tricky part of starting or maintaining a Well Circle
  • Your favorite Hebrew month and what it offers you psychologically and spiritually

At The Well strives to model our vision of a just, vibrant and inclusive future. We strongly encourage pitches from writers who reflect the communities we serve, including: Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, Jews of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA people.