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Gentle Ways to Cultivate Resilience During Tragedy

Our hearts are broken following the terror attacks on civilians in Israel and the continued violence we are witnessing. However you are feeling right now, we see you. We are here to support you.

We have crafted breathwork, yoga, and meditation recordings that respond to the deep needs of this time, along with a guide to other places you can give and receive support. If you are in a Well Circle, or would like to gather a group of women to honor this time, you'll find resources to support your gathering.

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What we know is that connection, tenderness towards ourselves, and care toward our greater community will help support our resilience and sustain us in the days and months to come.

With love,

At The Well

For a more print friendly version, please click here. To view in Hebrew, please click here.

Gentle Ways to Cultivate Resilience During Tragedy
At The Well
At The Well

We're here to support your journey to wholeness throughout every stage of your life. At The Well is spreading the word about Jewish rituals that can help you connect more deeply — to yourself, to your body, and to community.

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