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How to Find Connections for a New Well Circle

If you’re looking to start a Well Circle, one of the first questions is: who will gather with me? 

You know you’d love to gather at the new moon. You know the Moon Manuals are here to support you with new activities and rituals each month. But who are the people who will help bring your circle to life?

There are several approaches to this question:

  • You can choose a hevrutah (co-creator) and think together about people you know who you’d love to invite.
  • You can meet with an existing group of friends, housemates, or family members.
  • You can open your circle to new connections!

At The Well now offers a dedicated section of our website to support you in connecting with new folks who can bring your Well Circle vision to life. 

Here’s how to get your new Well Circle featured on our site:

  1. Go to atthewellproject.com/start-circle

  2. Share your contact information. (This will stay private — we’ll only use it to be in touch with you as new contacts reach out.)

  3. Describe the vision for your Well Circle. Will it be a local group meeting in-person in people’s homes? Or a virtual circle brought together by a common interest or experience? How many members are you looking for? Write a description that will resonate with the people you want to join you. (See examples below!)

  4. Once you send these details to us, we’ll review and get your circle posted on our site.

  5. As prospective members apply to join you, we’ll send you their details so you can reach out and decide whether it’s a match. From there, you can plan your next gathering!

(Or, are you looking to add some new members to an existing Well Circle? List your circle here.)

The Art of the Description

The people who come together to create your circle will help define its energy and bring its purpose to life. What do you want them to know about your vision for your Well Circle?

Here are some sample descriptions to get you started:

Akron, OH
This new Well Circle is a space for women over 40 who are transitioning through perimenopause/menopause, and other life transitions. We are planning for hybrid gatherings: in-person, but meeting virtually in winter. We are open for 7 more to join our circle.

Sonoma County, CA
Our vision is to co-create a space for Jewish women and nonbinary folks to create a deep Jewish connection, community and sisterhood (regardless of gender expression) in Sonoma County, with an emphasis on an earth based connection. We will blend together conversations, sharing meals, meditation, interactive activities, and journaling to create an environment that makes us all feel connected to and supported by each other and the beautiful earth we share. We are a safe and open place for queer, disabled, poc, and any and all walks of Judaism.

We meet in-person and are open to decide meeting places and times as a group.

Portland, ME
We are a group of primarily mothers, though we welcome anyone who is looking to build relationship with other women who live close-by. Though most are Jewish, we have a few individuals who come from interfaith or non-Jewish backgrounds, and we all share a genuine care for Jewish wisdom and spirituality.

We meet in-person, typically on weekday evenings, and we are open for 3–5 more to join our circle.

What is the intention of your Well Circle? What type of community are you looking to gather? Describe what you want to call in. We’re wishing you much joy as you and your Well Circle get to know each other! 

How to Find Connections for a New Well Circle
Katie Rice-Guter
Marketing Director
Katie Rice-Guter
Marketing Director

Katie guides At The Well in communicating meaningfully with the thousands of women and nonbinary people in our network — and the many more who can benefit from the ancient Jewish wisdom we share.

She previously served as Communications Manager at the nation's top school of social work, before earning an MFA in creative nonfiction writing at Washington University in St. Louis. Her thesis, These Are the Words, explored her deepening Jewish identity. Katie is devoted to personal growth, purposeful beauty, long walks, and nigunim (wordless melodies). She lives in St. Louis, MO, with her husband and daughter.

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