Palm Springs, CA
Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, CA

This is a hybrid online / in-person circle for women looking for a spiritual Jewish community. It is for those with any version of Jewish identity that suits themselves. It is an opportunity to slow down, connect with the earth, the moon cycle, and one another in a calm and nurturing way. We will meet in the evenings after dinner time depending on the season. In-person at my home to begin with thoughts to rotate to other homes in the Coachella Valley. We will sign on with Zoom to those who wish to participate from other regions nearby (LA or SD). Ideally, those local will participate in person regularly. We are looking to add 8 new members.

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Step One


A new Well Circle is typically organized by 1-2 people who lead the process of inviting a small group to form a circle. We have plenty of resources to support our members who are forming new circles.

Step Two


Each Well Circle member commits to meeting monthly for Rosh Chodesh. You can get started by browsing open circles, starting a new circle, or signing up for notifications about circles in formation!

Step Three


Circles gather around the new moon and use the month’s Moon Manual to build an intentional space for reflection, storytelling, and support. Every circle is unique and sets their own intentions for the space.

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How can I join a circle?
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