Well Circle Questions for Adar


well circle group activity

Each new moon welcomes a new month, and new opportunities for reflection. Use these questions to inspire yourself, or spark a conversation in your Well Circle!

  1. What’s something you believe in? What’s something you’re inspired to take action on?

  2. What’s something you keep hidden? What would it take to come clean about it? What would it look like to do that? How would you feel?

  3. What’s  your relationship with your sexuality, especially as it relates to getting what you want *outside* of the bedroom?


Personal Journal Prompts

  1. What do you keep hidden? Why? What would happen if you revealed these things? How would you feel?

  2. How does your sex, race, gender, religion, class, or nationality play in a role in the masks you wear?

  3. What brings you joy? How often do you do those things?

  4. In what ways does the Story of Esther relate to your life? How do you use/access your sexuality in the world?

  5. Do you believe in/see/feel something higher, a divine entity, God?

  6. What does spiritual connection to this being/force mean to you? How do you access it?

  7. When have you hidden your Jewish identity?