Setting Fire To Your Fears


Paper or notebooks • Ceramic mug or bowl • Matches • Pens


Ask everyone to make a list of fears, attitudes, anxieties, or habits that are in some way keeping them hostage.

Put some blank paper in the ceramic vessel and throw in a lit match to start a little fire. When it’s burning, invite each woman in your Well Circle step up to throw in her “little Pharaohs.” (You may want to do this outside.)

As you throw your paper into the fire, recite the following:

This year I am leaving behind [fill in your words] as I walk towards a more free me.

If you are the Nissan facilitator, encourage everyone to check in with their bodies as they purify themselves of their “narrow thoughts.”

  • How does it feel to let go of these limiting beliefs?
  • Is there any tightness in arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, or fists?
  • After letting go, how do sensations in the body shift?

Be honest about what the body feels: numbness or other “undramatic” sensations are okay.