Iyar: Setting Intentions

"A little window into why I share a personal intention: I hope that you are using this material within your Well Circle. I hope that you find spaces to be seen and heard and that you take time to see others. I cannot, however, expect you all to be truly vulnerable unless I first show my vulnerability. This is why every month I open myself up and pour a little piece of my heart out to you all. Thank you for seeing me."

- Sarah Waxman, Founder of At The Well


I am a work in progress and the Hebrew calendar knows it. I find comfort in the fact that Judaism and I are on the same page: it takes a lot of work to live as the freest version of  myself.  It’s not like Passover comes and BOOM! I suddenly and magically have this whole freedom thing down.

My ancestors passed me an invitation: to grow through hard work, commitment and faith. Their lives reveal to me that they did their growing with the help of family, community, and angels too. The opportunity to work alongside my peers, in pursuit of a more whole me (and therefore a more whole world) is a gift. It brings me so much happiness to feel this transformation happening, held, contained, and sustained by this wild and expanding At The Well network we’re building together.

Last month, I shared this quote:

I won’t let my freedom rot in hell.
— Beyonće

And I’m not; I’m taking this personal healing thing seriously. I believe wholeheartedly that my freedom is linked to yours, and I’m listening to that calling — to keep bringing light. To make sure I’m bringing it as hard as I can (the light, that is), I’ve designated “Sarah Time” as an intentional moment every day to reflect on where I am and where I’m going. This practice is my own version of tracking the moon from Passover to Shavout.

Also I’m not-so-secretly obsessed with Counting the Omer.

This year as I count, I’ve committed to climbing up the spiritual ladder inside me to connect with Shekhinah, the earth, Shabbat, and my body. I’m getting stronger in my body and clearer about  my relationship to the wild woman who lives inside me all the time.  

Last year I, had major injuries in my left leg, the feminine side according to some eastern traditions, and to Kabbalah. A year later, I continue to feel her pain, and I keep calling in the angels waiting to help me with my recovery. Thanks to my commitment to healing and with my angels’ help, I’m starting to stand on my own two feet again, dancing and shaking off the stuckness I once felt.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of my angels this month. I’ll be on the lookout for them shining through my teachers, healers, and friends. And I’ll try to catch them manifesting as the courage to speak and to act freely, gloriously in my power.

IyarSarah Waxman